Sunday was a long day, but I arrived home and still had time to hang out with my family, make dinner, do laundry, and relax a bit before bed. Yesterday was all about catch up at work, which meant no time to write. Today is better, but I'm still having trouble writing about California. I'll see what I can't get down here before life fades these memories like all the rest.

First, I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to see my Babs, multiple days in a row, just the two of us for hours and hours. It was amazing. I miss that girl.

Thursday I woke up bright and early for my 8am flight to LAX. 5 hours later and I'm disembarking the plane at 10am! Have to love that. We made the most of our first full day, heading into Hollywood.

Babs showed me around a little bit, her old apartments etc, then we headed to lunch with two of her friends who I've been wanting to meet. Afterwards we did an official tour:

Capital Records

We saw tons of stuff... Mulholland Dr., Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills (including Ringo Starr's house, Tom Cruise's house, and the house where Michael Jackson died), LA Ink, and the Hollywood sign. Once that was done, we walked around some more, peeking in some shops, getting some treats, and walking where they were setting up the red carpet for a tribute to Mel Brooks. Finally we hit up The Grove for some window shopping, listening to these guys (who were doing a little set there, they are awesome and seriously sweet), and get some dinner at the attached farmers market.

Friday we slept in a bit and had a lazy morning. Then headed off for a bit of "real life California"... aka. the DMV! Babs license was expiring, so we went to renew it together.

Just a sign of how much I love this girl... even that was fun.  :-)
She rewarded me by taking me to the beach after that.

We got to see some dolphins playing in the water, which was awesome.

We finished off the night with a dip in the community hot tub and pool... the only time I would get my bathing suit on out there! It was chilly.

Saturday Babs had a very special store she was dying to show me:

After which I had my first experience with In 'N' Out Burger (Mmmmm).

We hit up a bookstore, and the coolest kids clothes shop, before heading to the beach again to walk on the pier.

It was cold, but beautiful.

We had some dinner and drinks out, before heading back to her place for ice cream and X-files.

Then Sunday, it was another early morning, for another early plane ride!

It was an amazing break, and I'm so glad I got to see my Babs! But I'm glad to be home too.

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