I had the blogger window open for most of the day yesterday, but just couldn't find the energy to actually write anything. I ended up leaving work early... just too tired and sore and uncomfortable to handle more time camped out in front of the computer. It was not so fun.

I went to bed an hour early last night, and the extra sleep was nice... but I'm still not feeling great today. I think the waking up 3-4 times a night that I've been doing these past few days, both to pee and just to readjust to try and get comfortable, is wearing on me. I've also been having the craziest dreams.

Frankly, I'm over being pregnant at this point. Little girl is full term today, and I'm really hoping she isn't one of those kids who likes to show up fashionably late to the party. I'm hoping she's the helpful type who shows up a little early to help set up the chips and dip. ;-) I just can't imagine how I will feel if she doesn't come until a week or two late.

I haven't had any signs of labor yet, so I'm not holding out much hope for the next few days... though I have had a few painful BH. So maybe those are leading to some real contractions? I have an appointment today, so we'll see if she's still hanging out high (which I'm guessing she is, by the state of my ribs and heartburn!).

At least this past weekend was productive. We headed to and bought the last items we wanted to buy before she arrived... then got them all washed and put away. We also went grocery shopping (got me some Red Raspberry Leaf tea, to help strengthen the ute!), took the pup for some walks, hung up her wall letters, and finished installing the one carseat. Hopefully I can get it inspected soon (that's turning into a pain in the ass)... and then we can install the other carseat (in Trav's car) this weekend after we take Willy and his date out for a belated birthday dinner.

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to report. I'm just tired right now, and spend a lot of time (when not at work) resting, watching movies, reading. Doesn't really make for interesting blog fodder...

So I guess I'll leave it at that.

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  1. I can't tell you how many times I start a blog while working and I never end up finishing it until I'm done haha. Makes it easy and hard at the same time when you work on the computer all the time. I'm sorry to hear you're super tired and uggy! I wish I could help you out hun.

    I hope the rest of these days will treat you good. I know that must be a pain waking up all the time, just hang in there sweety - not too much longer!

    I liked your little party analogy haha, very cute and I hope for your sake she's a helper!!!!

    Sounds like you guys had a pretty good weekend. Defnitely make sure to take the time out to treat yourself to rest! You'll definitely need it!

    love ya hun.


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