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  • Really enjoyed the SuperBowl. And of course, the SB commercials too! Loved the Doritos one with the tiny boy telling the big dude to keep his hands off his mom and his doritos. LOL. I was routing for N.O. too... so I was very happy with the outcome.

  • We took Daisy in for her shots last night... the ones she was supposed to get Saturday, but that we were snowed in for. Our "little girl" now weighs 80 pounds!!! Holy crap. That's a little heavy for her stature. Apparently its very normal after spaying/neutering for animals to gain a bit more weight then they need to becuase of hormonal changes. So the doc recommended cutting down on her dry food, but giving her as many veggies as she wants. So now we're giving her breakfast as normal, but dinner will just be a plate of veggies to feast on. She loved it last night, so I'm sure this won't be a problem. So far we know she loves green beans, peas, and once she "figured them out", carrots too. I think we'll be using carrots as treats as well.

  • I'm hoping the anticipated snow holds off just long enough for my doc appointment this evening after work. I hate missing them, and its always so nice to hear her heartbeat and learning what she's up to in there. After that it can snow all it wants, so I can stay home tomorrow!! :-)

  • Speaking of the snow... if we get just 8 more inches (which they are calling for at least that), then it will officially be the snowiest winter on record for Philly. Pretty crazy since it really hasn't snowed that many days, but every time we've gotten snow it's been a huge amount.

More tomorrow, including a 38 week post... but I'm hoping to include stuff from the doc... so it will wait a day.

UPDATE: My work decided to close!! I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow cuddled up on the couch with 80 lbs of love! ;-)

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  1. I agree with you 100% about the SB! Definitely glad of the outcome as well :)

    That's crazy she's 80 lbs - yowza! It's awesome she loves veggies though. When we had kira she thought she wanted them til she started chewing it lol. But I've heard of carrots being a good treat for dogs. Good luck!

    I can't believe how much snow you guys have gotten. I'm a bit jealous b/c I love when we just get snowed in and things are calm for a day or so.... I think I really like the calmness that comes with snow (not talking about driving in it of course!). Good thing you're off tomorrow! Enjoy your extra day off hun! :D


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