• Gained a pound since last week, which puts me at +23... for a total of 141.

  • GBS negative, which is awesome and means I don't need an IV during labor. Woot!

  • She's still head down, but still floating free. Move towards the light little girl!!!!

  • Heartbeat sounded great. She's still moving around a lot and tried to run away from the doppler... the midwife got a kick outta that.

  • They are estimating she's about 5.5 - 6lbs now. Obviously that could be off in either direction... but that's what she's feeling like.

All-in-all, things are well and she's comfy in there. Our breastfeeding class is Thursday, and we have appointments every Tuesday from here on out. Hopefully we won't need too many more of those.

Today I'm meeting Stella for coffee while she's in Philly for work, and then having lunch with my coworkers Tally and Ann (a belated birthday lunch for Tally, and an early "birth day" lunch for me). Both of those should (hopefully) make the day fly by.


  1. wowie! 6lbs -- that's great you got to hear her heartbeat and everything. Too bad you couldn't get a video of some sort of her running away in your tummy :) Also, what is GBS? I imagine it has to do with your blood, but you know me, I'm totally in the cold about the baby stuff! haha

    I hope you are feeling better today hun!!! The weekends almost here!

  2. Sebz,

    GBS stands for Group B strep. It's a bacteria that is normally found in the vagina and/or lower intestine of 15% to 40% of all healthy, adult women. It's not an STD, and in adults it causes no problems. BUT it can be very dangerous for babies. So all pregnant women are tested at the end of their pregnancies, and if they are positive, they get an IV of antibiotics during labor.

  3. ah - ha so I see now! Thanks for the edjumaction hun ;)


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