Well, let's see.
Yesterday I started having contractions... I noticed them a little before 4 in the afternoon. They were regular, about 10 minutes apart, about a minute long. Some were more strong/painful then others, but most were just uncomfortable while still allowing me to talk through them. This went on for about 6 hours... through my train ride home, dinner, our breastfeeding class at the birth center, and our ride back home. They started slacking off a bit during the end of our BF class... some were still 10 minutes apart, but some were closer to 15 minutes... and then trailed off a bit more when we got home and I took my shower. I slept pretty well, with crazy dreams (Tokio Hotel was doing a concert in my parent's front yard!), and when I woke up this morning it was to a "quiet" ute. I've had a few contractions today... but not anything regular (though I did just have a strong one!).

So there we go... let's call that practice session #1!! :-) We'll see what the barometric pressure does for me this weekend. (And I'll cross my fingers that I don't have contractions off and on for WEEKS like Ro did!)

It's friday! We are supposed to take Daisy to the vet tomorrow morning for her shots, and Willy to dinner tomorrow night as a belated birthday dinner... but we are also supposed to get 7-11" of snow between this evening and tomorrow evening. I guess this will definitely be one of those play it by ear weekends.

And on that note, my boss has deemed that I should leave by 3... so I should get back to work!

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  1. that sounds kind of terriying and awful to be on the train having contractions. You weren't worried that it was really time? Were you having to make baby breathing noises through them? Could the other passengers tell? Or was it just an uncomfortable feeling?


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