this and that; the popcorn version

I don't know why popcorn, but when I started writing bullet points, my brain just immediately when to popcorn. So there you go. I'm a little tired today, and its another busy day, so little blurbs it is.
  • Gwen had a way belated 3 year appt on Friday (she went in at 3 for a sick visit, and then we all just forgot that she needed a well visit, whoops!). At 3.5 (44 months) Gwen weighs 28 lbs (25%), and is 38 1/8" (55%).
  • I really dislike this time of year at work. It makes me tired and cranky. Especially since this time of year always has a lot of stuff going on anyway. Thank goodness for iPhone reminders, or I would be forgetting everything.
  • Chocolatey treats help a little.  ;-)

  • Gwen had a birthday party this weekend for a friend from school. Since Trav does 99% of the drop offs and pick ups (since he works right there), I hardly ever get to see her interaction with her little friends. It was so cute to see them run around together.

    It was nice too to see the other parents, so they finally know Gwen's mom really does exist!!
  • Also this weekend... a MUFON info meeting at a local library. That was... interesting for sure.

  • Sunday we had no real plans, even though it was our anniversary (7 years married, 13 years together!!) since we celebrated last weekend. We did all go out to dinner, but otherwise it was pretty lazy, so we decided to head out for a walk to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

    Gwen was apparently feeling a "little tired Mommy," so she asked if I could wear her in "one of those things you like to carry me in." Lol.

    Back carry on our way out, but we stopped at Rita's for a little treat (last one of the season!), then up into a front carry on the way home.

    I was happy to oblige. Love getting to hold that girl close.
  • In ways that Gwen continues to blow me away: Saturday morning we got into a disagreement in the car on the way home from the grocery store, and I was feeling a bit down about it. Trav and I had to drive separately to Gwen's friend's party, so I asked Gwen if she wanted to ride with me to the party, then she would ride home with Daddy. She happily agreed saying yes, "Mommy, lets try again." Oh my Mama heart.
  • Its halfway through October already. As much as I dislike this time of year at work, I love it otherwise. I'm not ready for November yet!!

How was your weekend? 

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  1. Chocolate does make things a bit brighter, and that's such a cute little bee.


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