tired days and mornings of misunderstandings

This week has been a bit tiring so far. Even though we left work early on Monday to hop the train to DC, it felt like we had worked a full day already, so the extra train hours were long.

Thankfully I had a great dinner with two of my girlfriends who live in DC. It was so fun to see them and catch up. We met at 5:30 and didn't part until 8! So a nice leisurely dinner. It was off to the hotel at that point, which was nice and had a pretty view of the Capital Bldg. I relaxed in bed for a little before turning off the light at 10.

I have to say, I was asleep in about 10 minutes, but I was still so tired when my alarm went off the next morning at 6:30. We were at our conference location by 7:45a.m., and going for the rest of the day. We caught the 4:05 train back to Philadelphia, but man did it feel later then that. The ride went quickly, and Trav and Gwen were picking me up at the station by our house at 6:20.

Unfortunately after that I had to make a run out of the house to bring the company ipad to a coworker who needed it for an early morning meeting today. So the evening was a bit more rushed then I intended.

This morning started off nicely enough, but Gwen almost ran onto the road (no cars in sight, thankfully, but scary nonetheless) when we were heading to Trav's car, and I have to say I overreacted a bit. It was one of those moments when I knew she and I were both irrational at that point, but I couldn't figure out how to shut it down.  :-(  Thankfully Trav had a good talk with her on the way into daycare, explaining to her why I reacted the way that I did (I was scared), and she seemed to really understand. I still can't wait to just get home and hug her to pieces.

Now, here we are at work again.  ::sigh::

Only 5 more hours...

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