friday the 13th

Fridy the 13th today, which has always been lucky for Trav & I. I'm hoping that continues today. I have my appointment with the cardiologist for the echo and holter (as discussed here), and I'm hoping it goes swimmingly so that she gives me a permanent wave goodbye. I love her, but that is just one more freakin medical thing that I'd love to put behind me. I've had way too much of that lately... way too much of that period (as I lay in the operating room before they put me under for the D&E, I realize that that was the 4th time that I had been in that position... waiting to be put under in an operating room. Way too many times for someone who is 26!).

In any case, it should be a nice day... no work (though work has been a blessing lately, making the days pass quickly and keeping me on a normal schedule), meeting my dad & bro for lunch beforehand, then the appointment and home to play with my pup.

Next week will be the first time in 4 weeks that I am actually at work all 5 days. I'm wondering how that will go. Like I said above, work has actually been a blessing lately. Even yesterday, when I know some people were worried about me overdoing it... I felt good, and the day flew by. While I know if I had stayed at home, I would have been much more focused on what had happened the day before. I had done that enough, I will continue to do that in the days ahead, I didn't need to spend a whole day just sitting by myself doing that.

So I guess that's about all for now. Not much going on this weekend... so I'll probably just be back to give the full report on Monday. In the meantime, thank you all again for the support. And please continue to pray for us.

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