snow day!

So I'm officially home on a snow day! Haven't had one of those in a while... but they are calling for Philly to get 6 - 10" before this snow stops, so here I am. Daisy loves having her people home during the day... and even more, she loves getting to play in the snow! She is a November baby after all!

If it weren't for the damn wind I would take her out more... but as is, I can really only do 15minutes before I'm completely covered with snow and freezing my booty off. She's enjoying those outdoor times though. And I'm enjoying getting to have one more lazy day home! The weekend was great so I'm happy to extend it.

So what did we do this weekend? Well, Friday I had off of work for a cardio appointment. It's been five years since I had a procedure done to remedy a small heart condition. I haven't seen her since, and as long as the echo and 24 hour holter monitor (scheduled for March 13) come back clear, I don't ever have to see her again!! Yay!
Apurva came over Friday night to eat pizza and catch up. He's one of my favorite people, so that was nice. He spent the night and headed out around 9 the next morning.

Saturday Ro & I headed to a spa for some pedicures, which felt amazing! My feet get so neglected over the winter since they are hidden away all the time. Now they are soft and pampered, with pretty spring-colored nails. The boys hung out with GG while we were gone.

After that, it was a lot of this:

(A close up of that adorable face:)
Besides a trip to the grocery store, it was really a very quiet Sunday.

And its going to be a quiet Monday! Daisy are going to make a few trips out into the snow, but otherwise we're going to hang out and watch movies together (and play tug of war and toss the ball, etc. of course!). Tonight I'm going to make some Parmesan Artichoke Chicken. And then tomorrow its back to work!

Hope ya'all had a nice weekend too!! :-)

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