if i had a million dollars

I'm eating some fruit salad right now and drinking orange juice, instead of the sausage and hash browns I was going to do for breakfast. I'm trying to eat healthier, and I know I fall short in the fruits and veggies department (especially veggies)... not to mention way too much in the fats and carbs areas. I really love love love fruit, but it can be expensive, and if you aren't careful, it goes bad quickly. So I end up buying fruit and eating it in a few days, then not having it for another week until we go shopping.

If money were not an option I would love to switch to mostly organic, natural, local foods. Tons of fruit, fun salads (with nuts and organic goat cheeses!), local non-hormone ridden meats, fresh eggs, and tons of multi-grains. I was all inspired by Lauren this past weekend... she eats very organic, natural stuff. But that really does get expensive fast, and we don't have the money for it at the moment.

So, I'm trying to make small changes. Picking fruits when they are available, over other sugary snacks. Salads or other veggies with dinner. More multi-grains and less processed carbs.

I'd love suggestions for the ways that you fit healthy eating into your day. Or ways to make healthy eating more affordable. Help me out?


  1. I go to the store Produce Junction to buy our produce. You get more for your money.

    We make lots of salads and we add everything to them including fruit like apples and grapes and mango and kiwi.

    A good way to fit healthy eating into your diet is center a meal around a fruit or vegetable and not a meat or what not. Meaning make a veggie dish with chopped chicken in stead of a chicken dish with a side of veggies.

  2. Thanks Bill... that's a really good suggestion. I'm also starting to eat my veggie first. That way I fill up more on that and eat less of the carbs.

    I'll have to look for a Produce Junction near our place.


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