first doc appointment

I just had my first doctor appointment Tuesday. It went really well... the midwife says my cervix looks good and my uterus feels nice and pregnant. :-) Lol.

I was thinking the first appointment... since it is really just an annual exam, some blood work, and Q&A... would be boring or not at all reassuring, but I was wrong. It was actually really neat and made it feel a lot more real! I had a ton of blood drawn (for a normal workup)... which was actually very easy, the woman was a pro and it didn't hurt. I think I took the bandage off too early though, because I now have a two inch long bruise on my arm. Ugh.

Most exciting: I scheduled my next appointment and first ultrasound! Both will be the first week of March. Can't wait.

This past weekend we also told the ILs our news. They were very excited for us, but it didn't go exactly as we had planned. Trav thought it would be cute to say, "So when are you guys going to Cape Cod, because Megan is pregnant and can't go after the middle of August." Lol. They both had a moment of "huh?" before huge smiles and congrats. Of course then, Trav's mom started yelling at his dad because apparently they had decided on the end of August, but she had really wanted to go in July. Opps! Obviously we didn't realize they had been arguing about that very thing, so it wasn't exactly the reaction we were expecting, but they really were happy.

Only a week and a half until I tell my parents!

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