back into the swing of things

So I was definitely tired this morning... but it feels good to be back at work and in the swing of things. When you're away on vacation, the week flies... but this past week felt a lot longer because it definitely wasn't your typical vacation! It was a lot of chasing this cutie around:

She really is a doll though and I'm loving her more and more everyday. Especially since she is doing better and better everyday.

The weekend was nice since Trav told me that he didn't mind doing the "morning shift." He pointed out that once I'm up in the morning, I'm up for good... while 9 times out of 10, he is able to fall back asleep pretty easily. So he let me sleep in, which was amazing (what a great guy I have!). It was also great just to share the day with him, and the chasing duties.

Daisy loved having her "daddy" around too. :-)
Sunday we met with a dog walking service who's going to stop by once a day to let Daisy out and play with her for a bit. Trav will also be coming home for his lunch hour, and he adjusted his hours so he can be home from work earlier too. So we'll see how Daisy's first full work day goes.

Saturday night we headed over to Ro & Pat's for a bit to take them some dinner. Ro was almost 41 weeks... and she was definitely feeling tired and sore.

But I got some great news since then! Ro's water broke last night, and she's now at the birth center!! So hopefully they'll be a baby post tonight or tomorrow. :-)

In the meantime, I have so much to do here. So I better get to it!

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