wish me luck!

I head out tonight to drive to Jersey, spend the night there with my hoser, then tomorrow we head up to Rhode Island. Hannah, a friend that I lived with for two years in college, is getting married in March. This weekend we have some of her pre-wedding festivities. I'm excited to see her... it should be a great weekend, and hopefully I'll have some fun pictures to share come Monday. I'm sure I'll also be tired as hell from 14 hours of being in a car, etc. But it will be fun.

I got a call this morning from Ro and I have next weekend to look forward to now also... pedis! Her treat! The boys will be on baby duty, and we'll get our feet treated. :-) I'm so psyched!

As for now, I'll leave you with a cute picture to hold you over until I find it in me to make a real post:

cute pictures of puppies with captions

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