now i know how parents feel

Trav has been calling every day to check on "his girls." We always talk about how Daisy's been doing that day... if she pooped yet, if she's been good, etc. I think I know how parent's feel... we're going to have to start making special times when we purposely don't talk about the dog! Lol.

Today Daisy is 3 months old. Only 9 more until we switch her to adult food... but about 21 more months until she's really considered an adult. Oh boy. On a positive note, only about 5-6 more months until she loses her first set of teeth... those razor sharp puppy ones she currently keeps accidentally destroying my hands with. Seriously, it looks like I've been playing with barbed wire.

Yesterday was Daisy's first trip to her new vet (she had a trip when out in Pittsburgh)... she's now 22lbs of fun!! She did great for all the new/different things it involved. First off, I took her myself (although Trav surprised us there!) so she had to ride in her travel crate in the car. She's not a fan, she likes to ride in laps. Lol. Then it was a whole bunch of new people, and the smell of a million dogs. So she was a little overwhelmed and whined a bit. But she charmed the doc, got her nails trimmed, and got two shots without flinching. We go back in three and a half weeks for a few more.

As for today. Well we're doing a work trial run! So I'm hiding upstairs again this morning... and this afternoon I'm going to see Ro, who still hasn't had her baby!! I guess GG is very comfortable in there. Then it will be the weekend. The wonderful weekend with Trav home, and the chance to take turns sleeping in. I can't wait! :-) Have a good one!

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