promises, promises

Did I say I would have pictures to share? And a real blog post? Because I definitely haven't downloaded my pics yet... and I'm not sure how much I'm feeling a real post today either. I'm a bit tired this morning, and there is a bunch of work to do... including once again trying to fix everything that went wrong in our damn office after our building did a complete power shutdown twice this weekend. Fun! This time it was just one breaker that had to be replaced... but that one breaker controlled half the computers in the office (including mine)! Its back up now, but seriously, pain-in-the-ass way to start a Monday.

The weekend was great though! Seriously so much fun. Friday night I drove the two-ish hours to Morristown to spend the night at my Hoser's apartment. It was so fun to see her and catch up. Alli and Sabrina joined us that night, and we went to sleep around 12 so we could get up at 6:30, to be out the door at 7:45. Lauren drove us all in her sister's SUV... and thought it would take us 4ish hours to get there, aka a 12ish arrival. Well, apparently it took only a little over 3 hours, with a bathroom/food break... because we were there promptly at 11:15!! No problem though, it gave Lauren and Alli (two of the bridesmaids) extra time to set up the room for Hannah's shower.

Hannah was so happy with everything! She was surprised to see how many people were there, happy that Sabrina & I had made the trip, and just excited for the whole thing. She got a ton of presents. We played a game where we all asked Hannah questions about her fiance Jeremy. For each one wrong, she had to stick a piece of gum in her mouth! But she rocked it out and of the 30 questions, she only missed 8. We also did the toilet paper wedding dress game, which my team won. :-)

Once things wrapped up, Sabrina and I left saying goodbye to Hannah like we were going home, when really we headed back to her house to decorate for her surprise bachelorette party. She had no clue, which is exactly what we all wanted. She came back, was completely surprised, and we got the night started. There was lots of champagne and music. Pizza was ordered around 6:30, and finally around 9:30 the group headed out to a club called Marti Gras for some dancing and drinks. Everyone returned to crash at Hannah's (minus a few people who stayed in a nearby hotel) around 12:15. Hannah had a great time, which made it a perfect night.

Sunday Hannah, myself and two other girls got up around 8ish. Lauren, Alli, and Sabrina got up around 8:45. We ate breakfast and relaxed until about 11:15ish, when we headed home. Beside a bit of torrential rain, the trip was fine. We got back to Lauren's about quarter of 3... got a few things from her apartment, then headed home. I was back just a little after 5, and spent the rest of the night relaxing with my boy and my dog. It was a very nice end to the weekend.

Only one more month and I get to see all those fun ladies again at Hannah's wedding! Can't wait! Anyone want to dog sit?

Well, I guess you did end up getting a real post out of me. But now I'm going to run and get my bum in gear to get some major work done. Ciao!

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