moving forward

This morning was my follow up at the doctor's. He did an exam and asked me some questions about how I've been feeling. And thankfully all news was good (thank you for your prayers!)... he said that all looks back to normal down there, I'm off pelvic rest, and we are all clear to resume, er, extracurricular activities. Plus, once I get a period, the choice of when to start trying again is up to us.

I'm relieved. I hated feeling like I wasn't sure what was going on with my body, hated being uncertain about what I was going to be told (after recent events, can you really blame me for being worried that I might get bad news?). And frankly, I'm more then a little over doctors at this point. So I just wanted this appointment over with. Now it is, and we can start to figure out what's next for us.

As for this moment... I'm going to go eat some lunch, and get my work day going.

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