Sort of, Maybe, Just a Little Too Old for This... {2019 Concert #5}

So last Monday night, the night after Nahko and Trevor Hall, I said goodnight to Gwen and Trav to head out with a friend of mine - Addison (a phenomenal yoga teacher I have the pleasure of working with and taking class from) and his partner for yet another concert! We headed out to a great smaller Denver venue - the Ogden - to see Local Natives, one of Addison's absolute favorites.

Guys, I think I'm too old for that multiple concerts in a row thing! (At least when I've been fighting a cold, and go go going for many days in a row!) 

That said, it was a ton of fun! I really loved the music, and it was great company... so while I was tired, I had the best time.

I'm glad too, since that was my last concert until after all our summer travels!

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