July and The Passing of Summer

As you're reading this I'm heading off to teach yoga, probably barely keeping my eyes open, since Gwen and I will have just returned from our first camping adventure of the summer. I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

I cannot believe that July is here already, the year more then halfway gone. In 10 days Gwen and I head out to the East Coast, and by the time we return we'll have only a full week of prep for school time, and then she will be off to the 4th grade. 4th Grade!! If time could slow down just a little that would be great.

Since the majority of the rest of our summer will be spent on the road, it seems fair to give an update now on how things have gone with summer break. I'd call it an overall success with a more nuanced breakdown on closer look.

[Also just a note to say, I'm sure it must be funny for some of you - especially East Coasters - to read this because I know that some of you've only gotten out of school a week or two ago! So crazy to me since we've been out of school for 5 weeks now! And she goes back on August 12th, which is probably a good 2+ weeks before a lot of East Coasters.]

Photo of Gwen and Ethan "sword fighting" which has nothing to do with anything, but I think its cute...

As far as Gwen is concerned... she loves going to Trav's work on Mondays and Fridays but is annoyed she doesn't have more downtime here at home. She wants to run around outside with her friends all day, which I would love if she could actually do that, the problem she doesn't acknowledge being that her friends are often not home all day! Still, I understand that to her this summer break feels rather "busy." On the days she's not with Trav or our friend Amanda, she often has to run errands with me, or we have appointments, and she doesn't seem to get (or maybe care) that this is what I do year round! All-in-all though, she's been adaptable and fun to have around.

For me: its been amazing not having to worry about Gwen on Monday or Friday mornings, as Trav takes her before I wake up. It is so wonderful to just be able to get ready for work without rushing. Our friend Amanda taking Gwen on Wednesdays has been a godsend! I drop her off then head to teach class, and afterwards I either take class or teach a second depending on the week. I cannot stress enough how wonderful it has been to not have to give up that Wednesday class completely, as it is one of the few classes I regularly take, one of the few classes that pushes me in my practice.

That said, it felt at first like I was living in my car! Waking up and going from home to car to class to car to class to car to Trav's work or Amanda's place to car to run errands with Gwen to.... well, you get the picture. I love driving when it comes to exploring new places, but it was feeling like a lot. I've gotten used to it now, but I'm glad for the impending East Coast trip, and I'll be happy for the easier pace when school is back in session!

I have ideas for next summer... but we'll see what happens! So much can change between now and then. Overall though, I'm so grateful for how things have worked out this summer break. So grateful for the people around me who have given me the gift of time. So grateful for the amazing work that I get to do, and the time it affords me to travel with Gwen.

How is your summer going as this July dawns?

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