Finally Adjusted to East Coast Time - Leg One!

One of the best parts of driving out to the East Coast is how much easier it is to adjust to the time changes. Okay, that plus not being limited to one small bag each, seeing the country, not having to rent a car... there are plenty of pluses. And after the epic road trips we've taken out and back these past few years, taking a short 3-nights to head right to my parents place seemed so quick and easy! Still 1,700+ miles of quick and easy, but that's quite the difference from the longer trips we'd been taking with detours down South. Last years trip we drove 1,600+ miles just ON the East Coast!

Our trip out was nice, 2 nights of camping broken up by a visit with a girlfriend.

We also stopped on the day we drove to my parent's to hike up Gettysburg for a brief (historic) visit. In all our travels, Gwen and I had never gotten any National Parks/Monuments stamps in our passport books in the Mid-Atlantic region!

At my parent's we relaxed a lot, and beat the heat however possible! We also got to celebrate my mom's birthday while there and saw a show. 

As you read this we've navigated from my parent's place up to Cape Cod, starting the longest pause of our trip.

The time with my parent's was so lovely, and we'll get to see them again for one more night before we head home!

More soon.

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