Cape Cod

We're back in my parent's for just a night before heading West to home once more, but I want to talk about Cape Cod. It always feels so amazing to head back to the Cape, but this year you'll notice one big difference... for the first time we were in a different house on the opposite side of the Cape. It was a weird combination of familiar, as everything on the Cape is, and new as the neighborhood/town was different.

But here were some of the highlights:

There was so much beach time.

Cousin time and family time...

The cousins had such a great time together, I got to take in my first Provincetown drag show, we spent long days at the beach, and ate really yummy food. It was another fun week. We also spent half the week without a working fridge, a few days without electricity, and weathered a tornado! So it was a little nuts too!

Another entertaining Cape Cod trip in the books! 

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