opps, again

It's been a week again, and I'm sorry. Why am I so bad at this lately? The summers maybe... or the fact that we've been pretty damn busy. I don't know. In any case, here I am! Work has been keeping me busy, especially this week since we are leaving for vacation on Friday and I need to have my stuff taken care of. Friday night we are meeting at Willy's and heading up to the Cape. It should be a great time, we have so much fun every year. Not to mention the fact that we'll be picking up Book Seven while we are up there! Yay for Harry Potter!

Also, before I forget... some (slightly) belated Happy Birthdays from the 11th, 15th, 16th, and 17th respectively.

Happy Birthday Megan, Andy, John, and Mom!!

We're looking forward to celebrating with the first three at the Cape... and my mom and I will celebrate hers when we head to Cali in September (for my uncle's wedding, my treat, our gift to her).

This past weekend was great as well... our friends Kerry & Jeremy got married in the Delaware Water Gap area (Poconos). It was a beautiful day and a great time.

Phil and Slink, pre-ceremony.

The happy couple walking back up the aisle (sorry so dark, we were facing into the sun).

Barb and I goofing off post-ceremony on the hole that the ceremony site overlooked.

Apoc and I at the reception.

The happy couple's first dance.

Ollie and his steak.

My boy and I... one of us is mucho drunk!!
(Can you guess who?!)

We had a great time at the ceremony and reception... and had a bit of an after-party at the hotel in Phil's room. It was so great to see everyone. The boys (we drove Slink and Apoc up) were nice and roudy on the way back home, but once there we pretty much collapsed on the couches and didn't move for the rest of the day!

Besides that, life is marching on like normal. We work a lot, and relax at home together. We count down until the autumn and our trip to Ireland. We see friends and try to stay caught up with everyone. Blogs/facebook/myspace help... as much as I hate to admit that.

I read blogs everyday (if you didn't notice, you soon will, that was a segway). It's how I start my day, my version of the morning coffee break. I enjoy them all, although there are some I don't actually like. Greek Tragedy is on of those... sometimes she is so right on and her blog just hits that special little area *right here* and makes you happy to have read it. Other times I can't even get through the entry, its just so off. Today's entry just made me want to cry for her... made me sorry that I had ever thought that her blog was anything but real. What do you say... "I'm sorry" doesn't seem to cut it really. Anything with babies just gets to me. Something about the innocence. In any case, I'm sending good thoughts out to her, and I hope you all do too.

Well, I'm not betting on me being back tomorrow... and considering we leave tomorrow night, this is probably the last you will hear from me until most likely August!! Can you believe it?! We'll be back late the 29th, and I'll be back at work on the 30th... but I imagine the first few days back will be quite hectic. So hope you all have a fabulous end of July, and try not to forget me!!

1 day until the Cape
9 days until back home
26 days until my birthday
63 days (2 months and a day) until mom and I leave for Cali
70 days until Trav and I leave for Ireland!

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