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Can you believe that it is July already!! Which means that the year is half over. Six months have come and gone in 2007, and we have six months to go before we move on, yet again. I went back and looked up my new years resolution, because I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was.
This year I'm really hoping to declutter. I want to "streamline my life" so to speak... get rid of all the extra junk laying around, get rid of some of this extra baggage (lol), and just really enjoy the things in life that make me and DH happy, and not the stuff we have just because we've always had it.

Hopefully the working on the house will help with that.

I'm not sure how I've done with that so far... I did do some decluttering, but for the most part have been pretty lazy with it. I did get a major urge this past weekend though, so maybe once this extra work project is done, I'll take some time to sort some junk. Guest bedroom first... it's overwhelmed. Although we have been doing pretty well in the enjoying life department!

I'm in a really good mood today. I'm sure the weather has a big part to play in that... it is beautiful out! Sunny, in the 60s with a slight breeze. Gorgeous, and more like spring/fall then summer. Plus a nice relaxing weekend with my boy which was very productive for us both (I knocked off half of the remainder of my project, he got my car inspected and my oil changed!). And I came up with a new idea for what to spend my project money on... patio furniture! We've been looking to get some (to go with our awesome firepit which was a wedding present), and this would be a great chance to. Any suggestions for nice, but not too expensive patio chairs?

Yesterday we watched the third Harry Potter movie... we've been going in order. It made me even more excited that the next movie (#5) is due in only a week and two days! Travis and I have decided that we're heading out at midnight on the 10th to see it. So excited here. Not to mention that it's just over two weeks until the last Harry Potter book is released.. I've started rereading the first six, just to refresh my memory. Oh, I cannot wait!!

July stands to be a pretty fun/exciting month for us. I'm hoping that I'll be done with my project by this weekend, making it just under a week early. Thanks to having Wednesday off for Independance Day, I should. This weekend I have a hair appointment on Saturday, followed by a trip to the Quad's place for little brother Sam's birthday party. I can't believe it, but he's two years old already. Time does fly. Sunday Stella will be coming by and we'll do lunch together, which should be a good time. Next Tuesday at midnight is HP movie, followed by Trav's Sister-in-law's birthday. The following weekend (14th) we have a friend's wedding in the Poconos, then three birthdays to celebrate (his dad and brother, and my mom). That Friday (20th) we leave for the Cape until the 29th. And then July is over already!!
I'm looking forward to it all.

In the meantime, I'm going to get to work because I have a ton to do before my boss returns next week! Ciao!!

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