Girl Scouts - Year 2

Gwen just had her first Girl Scout meeting of the new year, and her first GS meeting with a new troop! We enjoyed her troop last year, but they decided to "split up" in a way at the end of the year, because the leader could no longer lead, and with the absence of her girls, there weren't enough of the younger girls to continue with both age ranges. The former leader did help us find a new troop for Gwen, still close, and we got to meet them all this past Monday.

We're really excited... now. Gwen was more nervous/unsure as we were driving there, but it was all bubbly excitement as we left! There are a lot more girls in this troop, and they seem to have a lot more varied interests that match ours. They are super active, doing a lot of fun field trips  (and even overnights) throughout the year, so we can't wait to experience some great new things and earn some fun new patches.

I can't wait to share some of the fun things we do through out the year (coming up in October... Zombie Survival Event!!).

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