Korn! with Alice in Chains, and Black Flag! {2019 Concert #6 and #7}

We went to two concerts recently, last Sunday and last Wednesday, and saw some killer bands!

On Sunday we saw Korn with Alice in Chains, and Fever 333 as an opener (also Underoath, but I wasn't a big fan).

I was super excited for both of the main bands, they really took me back to middle school/high school! Alice in Chains was amazing. They still tore it up and rocked out their old songs just as hard as ever.

Then Korn just brought the place down!

25 years of incredible music. They played such a great variety of old and new. 

We were right down on the floor, at the front, so I couldn't hear so well afterwards, but it was such an amazing energy the whole time.


We just recovered when Wednesday rolled around and it was time to see Black Flag! Different, smaller venue this time. But this time we got to make it a full date night!

We went to dinner first, and I'll say, I was a slightly bigger fan of our mozzarella plate, then of the concert venue! Ha.

We walked around a bit, saw some killer graffiti, and checked out some book stores, before heading in. 


 I talked about this afterwards with a few people who all agreed: Heavy Metal, Grunge Metal, and even Death Metal get a bad rap often. They call the music and the people violent, hard, scary... but I feel 100% comfortable and safe at these concerts. It wasn't always the case, but these genres have come a long was, especially in their treatment of women in the audience. You can still have fun in your own way, mosh, scream, whatever; but people look out for people, and while you get the occasional shitty person, most just want to be there to enjoy some killer music together.

Unfortunately I don't feel like hardcore punk has made the same strides. While I didn't feel unsafe at Black Flag, the whole vibe was just completely different, and it still feels like people don't really care what happens to those around them. There were times I thought I was going to walk away physically injured in some way, and did at one point take a heavy hit with an elbow straight to the back, and got slammed into a lot. I'm no softy, so it was okay, but it definitely makes it a whole lot harder to just enjoy the show!

That said, it was still a great night with fun music, and I'm glad I got to see one of Trav's favorite bands play, with him.

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