Body Confidence

The other day, when we had a concert that evening, and it was still supposed to be in the high 90s at 6pm, I ran out to Target and bought myself my first pair of fitted short shorts.

My relationship with my body has gone through many changes over the year. I've always rocked a bikini, just because that's what I've felt comfortable in (and for short me, I feel like they are wayyyy more flattering then one piece suits!), but shorts have never been my friend. I've gone through stages of hating the curves I do have, while lambasting the ones I don't. I've felt too small (mostly on the top), too big (mostly on my bottom half), not strong enough, not feminine enough...

... and finally, finally, like my body is good enough. My 30s ushered in a new stage of love for my body, and yoga especially has brought me a sense of piece. I still don't look at my body and say, "perfect, everything is just as I want it to be," but I can finally say, I love my body, all it is capable of, all it has done for me. I love the babies its carried, the yoga poses it can do, the heavy things it can lift, and the life it lets me lead.

There is so much work I still want to do with it. Things I want to make stronger, poses I want to achieve, but for the first time I feel like I can love my body while I work towards those things, not just when I get there. At 37, that's a damn good feeling.

Where are you in relationship with your body?

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