Mabon Feast with Friends

Mabon was on Monday, but since I flew back in that evening, we celebrated with some friends on Tuesday. Note to future self: planning a celebratory meal with lots of cooking for the day after a trip might not always be the best idea. That said, it was beautiful, fun, and oh so delicious.

Panda supplied a wonderful autumn salad with spinach, roasted walnuts, feta, apples, and craisons; as well as apple cider and corn on the cob. I made us acorn squash and sweet potato soup with a cashew-sage crumble, turkey meatballs in a cranberry glaze, and pumpkin bread (some in cute little leaf and acorn shaped muffins!).

It tasted good, it looked good, and it made my heart and belly equally happy! We all ate until we were quite full.

Happy Mabon all, blessings to you!

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