Return Trip

I was right about Friday, all we had the energy or drive for was Daisy snuggles - but that doesn't mean the trip home from the East Coast was bad! We took a slightly different, but still straight-forward trip home, covering 1700+ miles in 4 days.

But let me jump back for a second. After Cape Cod we headed out to visit with my work Mama, Jan and my former boss, Alan. It was a nice morning with them before heading to visit with the quad's family West of Boston.

Then it was down to my parent's place for one more night, before really starting the drive out West. 

We were lucky enough to stay with two different friends in Ohio then St. Louis, Missouri, before camping the last night in the same place we camped at the end of our trip last year! 

 The best part of stopping there is that the last day's drive is less then 3 hours!

Now we're home, another summer trip done, and summer mostly over! So glad to be home, and so lucky to have another amazing travel experience.

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