Counting Up and Counting Down

We've completed two weeks back to school, and we're settling into the comforting routine of it all. It feels good, the time I have back to myself, the ease of teaching without having to worry about dragging someone else around or dropping them off/picking them up. I love the routine of morning, time to drink my green tea on the balcony, walking Gwen to school. We're trying something new this year, at Gwen's request, and its been working out really well. She's getting to be so grown up and responsible, and I think this has been the easiest back to school adjustment yet.

The only thing off about it is the still very warm weather we've been having (lots of days in the 90s), which my body is confused by. School = Autumn to me, so my body is craving that delicious, cooler, crisp Autumn weather. Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, is exactly one month away... not that I'm counting. (Lies, I'm 100% counting.) I think this was the most I've enjoyed a summer yet, weather and all, but I will still always and forever be an Autumn girl.

I'm back to doing some doula work, working on call with a local midwifery center, which I'm very excited about. Its the best possible way I can think of to incorporate my yoga work and doula work. Still being on call (as is just part of the doula life), but on scheduled days to work around my teaching schedule.

Outside of school Gwen has had some rough days. She's growing so quickly, and getting to that prepubescent stage where the brain starts going crazy with changes, and we're learning together how to navigate it all. Some days we are the best team, and some days we don't want to be in the same room together by the end of it all. Thankfully, underneath it all, she's still the same amazing, loving, kind kid she's always been. But we'll take all the easy going vibes you want to send us!! 

Life feels so very good and sweet right now (despite the autumn longing, and the growing angst). Here's to more settling in, and finding ease.

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