Playing Catch Up

The moment we got home I felt like we hit the ground running. School was starting just over a week later, our apartment was not quite put together (we'd had the carpets cleaned while we were away, and half of Gwen's stuff was still out of the way in the bathroom!), I was back to teaching, and we had numerous plans with friends.

Picture unrelated, but how sweet is Miss Daisy?!

We managed to sort out numerous bags of toys to donate, and more bags to throw away; we sorted through all the clothes in her closet and rotate out what didn't fit; we bought school supplies, and saw friends for dinners too. We also watched our apartment complex get sold and said goodbye to seeing some of our closest friends everyday. Regular dinners are planned, but its not the same, and its been a hard adjustment.

Things were just as crazy the first week with Gwen back in school, readjusting to a school schedule and getting to go back to taking my regular classes. Things are evening out now, thankfully, though just wait... there's always something new on the horizon!

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