Sometimes at night I can taste autumn in the air. Its crispness, and sweet chill. I linger over Daisy’s last trip outside, gazing at the sky, communing with the moon, letting the wind caress my skin. A good friend told me that the wind carries different messages and the later the hour the more open i feel to receiving them. From my balcony I have the perfect view of Mars, it’s red light noticeable in the milky blackness; and depending on the day and phase, the moon is a bookmark on the other end of my view. It’s a beautiful pairing, Mars all fire and fight, the moon pure and soothing.

Autumn is my favorite, always, but I’ve developed a fondness for summer here in Colorado, where it’s heat is drier and not so suffocating. I love the warm breeze on my skin, the summer thunderstorms. My favorite part of summer though, is definitely the month of August. The nights are the first to tumble into the new season, while the days stay hot and bright. The perfect combination.

August has almost passed us by. The autumnal equinox is less then 4 weeks away. Soon the nights will turn biting, the winds will gain a sharp edge, and the days will take on a softer hue. So for now, you find me drinking in every last moment of summer. Savoring these final days of August.

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