lazy night

Lounging around and watching silly TV (So You Think You Can Dance... hey, the good ones are really good!). Trav is watching hockey and I'm just not in the mood, so I thought I'd come up here and use the time to post. I never seem to have the time during the day anymore and I don't remember to do it at night, so when I think of it, I'm all over it!

It's been busy at work lately... had an event to take care of, had to do some "manual labor" putting together shelves (blah, don't ask), and plenty of the dreaded busy-work. I did take some time out to read up on my girl Angie who celebrated her birthday this week... and even better, I took some time to call up my best girl Babs who had her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Babs!!!! I love that girl to pieces!

This past weekend was great too. We actually went out on the town! Bar Ferdinand was GREAT! We met two of my coworkers there (Joe and Miyano), plus a bunch of Joe's friend's, and Miyano's husband and baby. Absolutely amazing food, great atmosphere, and of course, wonderful company.

Oh a not so great note, my buddy Nick isn't working at my office anymore. But at least he lives right across the street from work, so we can still get coffee... like we did today.

On a random note, just saw a commercial for the new Nancy Drew movie... I'm so annoyed! Lol, let's see if you agree with me or just think I'm crazy. She is not at all how I pictured her or how they described her in the books and I should know, I've read dozens of them. I used to LOVE ND. Check it out here if you haven't see the trailer. She doesn't look chic, she doesn't look sleuthy, and she doesn't have red hair!! They could have done great things with this character and I feel like they dropped the ball.

Well, now it's almost my bedtime and I still want to start packing for the weekend... so off I go. Ciao!

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