The day is flying by, and there is so much to accomplish, so I have to be quick. It was hard to leave my pup AND my boy this morning... and I'm so jealous of Trav's extra day off... but the day has gone so quickly so far, that its really not so bad. We have a big work event today that has the potential to be amazing and a huge pain in the ass all at the same time, so I'm holding my breathe that it will be good. There are security issues at play, so I'm really just hoping that there are no scary surprises... the rest will unfold as it may.

The weekend was equal parts tiring and lazy as all heck... so it evened out nicely. Friday night I headed home, ate, relaxed with the boy/pup for a bit and then headed out around 7:20. Babs let me know while I was on my way up that they wouldn't be back at home until 10... so I stopped at my parents for a bit before heading to her place. We didn't want to stay up late, but between gabbing and getting ready, then gabbing more while trying to fall asleep, we didn't really "turn off" for the night until around 12. The alarm went off at 5. Ugh.
Amazingly I didn't feel horrible, the morning sickness stayed away, and we were all ready at out the door at 7. Heather and her parent's and I drove up to her aunt's place together... where her parents and aunt/uncle took a limo with her grandmother, first to the funeral home to close her grandfather's casket, then to the church for the service. We followed in her parent's car.
The service was nice... it was a Catholic service, so it wasn't short, but they did a beautiful job and it didn't feel long. They sang Ave Maria at one point, which is just such a beautiful song. I'd never been to a Catholic funeral (honestly, I can't remember the last funeral I'd been to)... and they do a beautiful job. It was very much about celebrating the life he had, and the eternal life he's gone on to. It seemed very comforting to his family.
After the service, we processed to the cemetery. It was a bit of a drive from their church near where they live now, to their cemetery where they have their plot... which I believe was near where they had lived while raising their kids. It took about 45 minutes to get there. The grave-side part of the service was lovely... Bab's grandfather had served in the Navy, so there were three Navy men in their dress whites. After the priest said his piece, one of the Navy men played Taps, then the other two folded the flag to present it to Bab's grandmother. It was very touching and was when I shed the most tears.
After that we headed to a nearby restaurant for a late lunch. We were there until about 2:40, but luckily it was a short ride back to Heather's place because we were all very tired at that point. When we got back we all got changed, and after 15 or so minutes of talking, I headed home (got there around 5:30?).

I was so tired and worn out from the whole day. I ended up going up to bed at 7, falling asleep by 8, and besides waking up to grab some water and a quick bite at 1am, I slept until 8 the next morning. I felt so much better at that point!! And thus began the lazy part of our weekend. Basically Sunday and Monday we spent the whole days relaxing, watching movies and TV, and eating. It was wonderful, and I'm so glad I had the extra day. How were the rest of your labor day weekends?

And now, I'm happy to report we are having some lovely fall-like weather. A few days this week are even going to have highs in the 60s!! I'm enjoying every second of it. Hopefully this will stick around.

One last thing before I leave... I'm looking for feedback on how everyone reads their blogs. I know about go.ogle rea.der, but really like actually going to the blogs and seeing their layouts. I had heard about a reader that lets you plug in all your blogs then you can basically hit a "next" button to page through them. However I'm having trouble finding where I read about that. Anyone know what this might be? Anyone have any suggestions for other blog readers to try?

Thanks for any imput!


  1. hey there meegs, just checking in with you you make us a wee bit nervous not posting for so long. Hope you are feeling well and just busy busy busy, take care, Jean

  2. Hey Jean,
    Sorry... didn't mean to make you nervous! I've just been busy busy at work... and I haven't been feeling well, so I've been resting up when I'm at home. Many posts coming soon, promise.


  3. Here from LFCA - I just wanted to tell you how much you have people thinking of you on this hard and special day. God bless you during this time and always.


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