We have some busy weekends ahead, all full of lovely things (well, besides me having to work this Saturday...), but still full... so I'm treasuring the quiet moments I get to have. Saturday we had things! to do! A hair appointment for me, and an alumni meeting for Trav. Since Trav's thing wasn't until 2ish, we headed to my appointment together, having brief visits with my parents, before heading to Lehigh for his thing. I think he really got the better end of the deal on this one, since his meeting was frankly quite long. Luckily, I had a good book with me... but still, reading for three hours when it wasn't your intention to sit and read for three hours, is a bit brain numbing. But the redeemer?!

I think the felt my first bits of baby movement! So cool!

Honestly I can only describe it as blips, but it was so neat to think that that was our little one beating up on my insides. :-)

Sunday was one of those perfect early autumn days... the kind where summer is just reluctantly releasing its hold. The air was cool, but the sun was so lovely and warm. Plus, when the sun started to set it had that wonderful golden quality that the autumn sun has. I had some moments of vacilitating between wanting to check things off my list, and just wanting to lay around and enjoy the lovely day! I did end up having a productive afternoon though. First I weeded my front flowerbed, then put up my "happy fall" decorative shovel, sorted through my baskets of clothes, put away all of said clothes, and tried to get my drawers a bit more organized so I can find my cooler weather clothes as needed. I also went into the nursery closet and weeded out clothes that I haven't worn in ages, and won't wear, to donate to Goodwill or the like. We have to get that closet emptied out before the babe is here, so I figured I could start out slow... with the stuff I won't have to find another home for in our house.
After that I settled in with the disappointing Eagles game and a thankfully not disappointing book. So I got the best of both worlds, checks on my to-do list and relaxing.

Tonight is my 18w doc appointment... hopefully I gained some weight. Recap tomorrow!

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