Today is quiet, much of the office is out... either at an event in DC or getting ready for the holiday (Rosh Hashanah). I'm working at a VERY leisurely pace, while eating some yummy manchago cheese.

I just got done booking a weekend away for Trav and I in October to Jim Thorpe (a cute, quaint town near the Poconos). Its the weekend after our anniversary, so it will be a nice treat for that... but also simply a fun weekend away, just the two of us, before February and the babe's arrival. A friend will be watching the pup, and we are going to have three lovely days (with sleeping in) and two lovely nights at a B&B with someone else to do the cooking and cleaning. :-) It sounds divine.

This weekend we'll be heading up to the Lehigh Valley for an alumni meeting (Trav) and a haircut (me). Otherwise, we'll be relaxing and I'm hoping to start some cleaning/decluttering projects... perhaps in the future nursery (the closet needs emptying), but definitely in our bedroom. I need to switch some clothes around now that its getting colder. I really have no idea what cool weather clothes I have anymore! It feels like a long, long time since I've worn them.

I just remembered that I actually have another day before the weekend. Why does today feel so much like a friday? Maybe because the week flew by in a barriage of things to do. Three events down (all which went well), three more next week (should all be easy), then we are pretty much in October... with a new crop of events, and a new bunch of weekend activities (autumn ones at that!).

Anyway, I should get back to my leisurely work pace. I do have plenty to accomplish!

Ps. Yes, yes, yes, yes... THIS!

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