are we crazy?

From Trav this morning:

I have been thinking that now that we have the steamer back maybe we should put a game plan together on the computer room. What do you think? I was thinking of steaming of the border and working on patching the walls. This of course would require moving most of the stuff out of or to the center of the room. I also want to try and fix the missing trim which would require the use of Pat’s miter saw. ...
After the walls are reassembled and patched, I was thinking we could decide on the carpet. The only thing holding me back is the gap we would be left with between the molding and the floor. Any ideas? Leave it go for a while until we are ready for new carpets throughout the house or just leave it go and stop with just the walls? I am not sure how much it would cost to carpet one room, but we could always look into that as well. We did discuss adding a piece to the molding as filler. My plan would be to have the room finished by the end of October. If it seems to be taking too long I have a few more days I can take off as I don’t believe we will be able to carry them over to next year. ...
I know this is all of a sudden, but it would be nice to get it fixed up a bit before the little one comes. Since we won’t be ripping out walls, and dying in heat, we should be able to get it done...

And my response:

Lets go for it!
I say we do the walls, and maybe check out the pricing for getting new carpet just in that room... but if its too much we'll just leave what's there in there for now. We can probably even start this weekend! :-)

Are we crazy? I'm really excited about this!
Once we do the office, we'll have updated all of the rooms upstairs. We aren't done with the bathroom, and I'm thinking that will be the next project (the floors are in serious need of redo... but that would mean doing the vanity too, which would mean the walls... so its a bit of an undertaking!), but it is "good enough" for now. So really the office is the only room that we haven't touched.
Of course, after that we have the downstairs to worry about... but if anyone thinks I'm diving into removing all that damn wallpaper and painting that many walls (plus up the stairs and then the hallway), they are crazy! That might be one project worth outsourcing. Or at least worth me taking the babe away for a weekend while daddy and a few of his friends (I'm thinking Pat and Brian) tackle that project. ;-) But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Before and after pictures to come!

As for this weekend... well it ended up looking a bit different then I thought, but it was still nice.
Saturday I had to work, but the day went quickly and was very easy.
Sunday we were supposed to head to the Lehigh Valley for the Celtic Classic... but it was a drizzly, dreary morning and Trav confessed to me that he really wasn't up for going if it was going to be raining on him the whole time. It did end up clearing up, but not until it was a bit late for us to be leaving. So we watched the caber toss on TV and put off an actual visit until next year.
Monday I had off and it was gloriously lazy! I did make us dinner and do the dishes, get showered, and we made a visit in the even to a friend of mine from the train who is expecting twin boys in December. We had lent them our steamer to use in their nursery and went to retrieve it last night (hence Trav's "now that we have the steamer back"), along with a quicky visit. Other then those things however... my day mostly involved a marathon of America's Next Top Model and playing with the pup. Not that I'm complaining! It was exactly what I needed.

Now its back to work for me... with visions of office paint colors dancing in my head!

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