15 months

Today you are fifteen months old, and i don't even know where to begin on telling you how much has changed in the past three months! You are growing in leaps and bounds, my independent girl, and I'm so proud of all you are doing. You are getting more and more words each day, and you understand so much. You'll answer our questions with a nod, or a firm "no!"

You like to say what the monkey says (oo-oo-oo), and are working on please (plah plah!). You've been playing Simon say at school with the other toddlers, and will clap your hands, sit down, or dance when Simon says too. You will also tickle my tummy and blow raspberries on it when daddy says to "get mama's belly!" You know your nose, your belly, your mouth, and your head. You use the signs for "more" and "all done" constantly now, with eating, drinking, playing, etc.

You can be so helpful and cooperative sometimes, throwing things in the garbage for us, or putting them away; your new thing is laying down on the floor so I can change your diaper (I think you realized its a lot nicer that way then fighting over it!).

The AC was much more interesting
then sitting around taking pictures!
But boy do you have a mind of your own... and if you don't want to do something, Lord have mercy! You definitely have the toddler tantrum down pat. That, and the mischievous smile, the impish grin, and the look-what-i'm-doing laugh!! Heaven help us when you're a teenager.

Speaking of "us"... you have become such a dada's girl lately! You just adore that man, lighting up with the biggest grin when you see him, and running to give him hugs and kisses, or for comfort when you get an ouchie. I love that you love him so much! But I'll admit, it does make me a little jealous; I've got pretty comfortable being your number one, its hard to share the spotlight!  ;-)

You are just such a bit of sunshine Gwenie... you really light up our lives!

You are such a big girl now, but when you take your naps, when you melt into sleep... well then, then you are still my little, flaxen haired babe. No matter how big you get, you'll always be my baby.

Love you always,

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