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Ahem. I've been opening and closing this post all week, trying to find the time to write it and never really having that happen. Instead we had a doctor appt (15 month well-visit: 2 shots, 18lbs, 30.5in, healthy, happy, hitting 18m & 24m milestones), a tornado (linky), lunch with Ro, frantic wrapping of gifts and packing for this weekend, and an event that I had to work late for... in addition to all the normal work and life stuff. Finally though, I am here to wrap this post up and sent it out into the cyberworld!


I recently bought Gwen a new bedtime book, and I had to share with you because I think its so pretty.

The drawing style is just so unique!

I love it! You can see more of her books, HERE.

Speaking of sleep... how about an update? Gwen has been on one nap now for a while, since right around a year. She seems to be doing really well with that. Nighttimes are improving too.

Playing with her sunglasses.
A week or so ago, I was nursing Gwen before bed, thought she was asleep, but she woke when I lay her down. Instead of getting her back out and nursing her more when she woke and stood up, I asked her to lay back down, "It's night-night time." To my surprise, she did! To my greater surprise, she was fine as long as I was in the room... so I stood there for a few minutes, and she went back to sleep!

We had tried something similar with horrible results about 1.5 - 2 months ago... she clearly just wasn't ready for it. But it appears now she is! 

So that's what we've been doing since... I put her down into crib almost asleep, stand with her, but let her go to sleep on her own. Its cute because she definitely peeks to check. The first night, I had to go back in once. The second night she was out first time. After that we had one night where I did have to take her out and nurse her more because she was just too wound up... but we've been pretty successful every night. As time goes on, I'm going to work my way closer to the door.

As for during the night, things are fine. Actually maybe even a little better since starting the above stuff. On average she wakes once to nurse (though she's slept through twice in the past week), and still comes to bed with us at 5ish. I love that morning snuggle time though, so I'm in no hurry at all to change that.

So that's our sleep update!

How can you resist that smile?
Or that blond hair!!

We also got the word that she will officially be in the toddler room starting with the summer session! They've been transitioning for a month now... she's already on the toddler schedule, eats at the table, and does arts and crafts with them. My little girl is growing so fast.

Now, its back to work for me. Have a great weekend!!

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