communication is key

Its funny that we had such an amazing time driving 900 miles to go to Ohio and back, yet here at home doing our normal routine we're cranky messes who can't seem to have a normal conversation. At least not in the morning when we're tired and working against the clock. I was so frustrated this morning, all I could think was, after almost 11 years we still can't just communicate?!

But really, how different are we now then we were then!

We are not the same people and we don't communicate in the same way. So we talked tonight, explained some of the frustrations on both sides and tried to express to each other better ways to hear those frustrations. Surely we will still be cranky, certainly we will still say things in ways that we don't mean, but definitely its a nice step to not having one person's temporary annoyance derail two people's days.

We've learned so much about each other, but we are still learning everyday.
I think I might just keep him.

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