tids and bits

Little bits that could probably be expanded into posts if I had the time, but you get them in bite-sized pieces instead: 

Impatiently awaiting the arrival of Ro's newest. Was patiently waiting up until today, but since they just scheduled an induction date for next week, I'm much more eager for her hopefully imminent arrival. Obviously Ro is quite ready as well!


I'm breaking out like a teenager again. WTF.


Gwen will be officially in the toddler room with the start of summer session, just a few weeks! My baby is getting so big!


Going to DC twice in June for work... very excited for lunch with my brother at least one of those times. 


 We finally got those few weeks in the 60s/70s that I was hoping for. It was lovely, but looks like it might be coming to an end:

Its going to be June already, so I can't say that its unexpected, but I don't know that I'm ready nonetheless. Ugh.


1 month, 2 weeks until Cape Cod!!
2 months, 3 weeks until my birthday.
3 months, 2 days until Arizona!

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