Happy Memorial Day.

I'm here very early today... and I'm not really sure why! Gwen was up earlier then normal, after an (in the end) good night of sleep. And since she was up earlier, we were all up earlier, and so we were ready earlier. For some reason, I was super antsy to get out of the house and ended up taking one train earlier then normal, putting me in my office at the ridiculous time of 8:30 (with a stop for a frozen hot chocolate - had to try it!). Now that I'm here, I'm wondering why the hell I didn't just relax for a bit, maybe put away some clothes, straighten up... something other then showing up to work even earlier then I'm normally here!

C'est la vie. Maybe I'll take the one train earlier to go home too.

But, we had a really really nice weekend.

Saturday we went to my parents to hang out for the day. We had a lot of fun hanging out and Gwen loved seeing her Nonnie and Papa.

Sunday was hot, hot, hot. So we stuck at home for most of the day. Trav helped with the tennis camp across the street, and we ran to the store, but otherwise, we just relaxed in the A/C.

Monday we headed over to see Ro, Pat, and GG... they last time we'll see them as a family of 3!!
We went down to the pool in their townhome complex.

It was another super hot day, so the pool was perfect.

Ro, 42 weeks! The induction starts tonight!

This was Gwen's second time in a pool, and she really likes it.

They also had a baby pool that she could walk around in herself.

We headed home after that and Gwen was so worn out she fell asleep holding her cracker.  :-)

We got home, ate dinner, Gwen took a quick bath, and it was straight to bedtime stories. She was out by 7:30. Here's the weird part... she woke quite upset at 9:45. It was really hard to calm her down, and every time I lay her down, she would start crying again. I gave her some Motrin, and was finally able to get her down, at which point she slept until 5:30! Not sure what that was all about, though she is getting her molars in, so I wonder if they were really bothering her. She was acting fine today, so I don't think its her ears... but I'm going to keep an eye on her!

Now, here we are... Monday Tuesday morning (yay for 4-day weeks)! For now, off to the races.

ETA (@10:45):  Ro's contractions are 10 minutes apart, maybe she won't need the induction after all!!!

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