this is what i wanted...

Silly things that have happened lately with Gwen that have made me happy:

- her eating Sharma with zeal... I've always wanted my babes to have a palate for international cuisine, to not be roped into the same old boring dishes, but love food and love trying new food.

- when I pull out the wrap and ask her if she wants to go up, she get so excited! She'll grab the end of the wrap and put it on her head or around her shoulders... she's so ready to be worn. I love that she loves being so close.

- and related... I love that after I slept in this weekend (a whole bullet to itself!) Trav told me that he and Gwen had gone shopping, and he'd worn her in the Mei Tai! He said that he was a little nervous because he'd never tried it before, only seen me do it... but he got it on and felt good with it.  :-)  He'd worn her a few times before in a carrier I'd gotten for him (the wallaby), to come into the city to meet me, but he'd never done one of that carriers that doesn't have buckles (mei tai, woven wrap, pocket sling). Yay for a spouse willing to try new things, and one that loves being close to his baby!  (Man do I wish I had a picture!)

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