everything else is unimportant

Last night Daisy had a vet appointment for her yearly check up and shots, so Gwen and I had an evening just the two of us. We finished dinner, changed into PJs, and got ready for a walk. It was gorgeous yesterday, far too warm and tranquil out to miss. I asked her if I could wear her in the Mei Tai, which garnered a yell, but she happily pointed to the wrap instead. Up on my back she went, and off we headed.

It was still in the 60s, the air was so fresh and warm. The moon was bright, the stars were out, it was quiet and still. I was surprised more people weren't outside, but happy to have the night to ourselves. I asked her if it was nice out, and if she was enjoying herself, which she answered by leaning her head against my shoulder and wrapping her arms around my neck.

We walk around the neighborhood, getting home just in time to put her to bed... but she stopped me before I could walk up onto the front porch and asked for more. I couldn't blame her, I wanted more too... more fresh air, more quiet, more gentle movement, more just being together. So up and down the block we went, two more times. After that the responsible side of me won, I knew I had to get her in and ready for bed; but I could have walked for hours. Just her and me.

There are moments where it is so stressful. Moments that are hard. Then there are times like that. Times that wipe away the rest. When it is just her, and me, and all else is unimportant.

"Shh ... No more words.
Hear only the voice within."
~ Rumi

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