Today I'm playing catch up at work... catching up because all of Friday and a good part of Thursday was spent moving two of my coworkers and myself into our new offices!

I was in a semi-private office:

Which is now a great room for my intern to sit in... an another intern if we have more then will fit in the intern office:

And my new private office...

Well, its pretty nice if I do say so myself! Private, roomy, organized!

I was sore Saturday morning from all the lifting and moving though!! Thankfully we had an easy day. Relaxing, playing, a walk, and baking some doggie biscuits:

Gwen had a great time with that.

Sunday was all about Longwood Gardens and the orchid festival.

We met Ro, Pat, and the girls there and had a great time. 

And the flowers were so beautiful:

 It was a great day!

Now its back to work and catching up on all my emails! Hope you had a nice weekend!

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