ready for spring

Okay spring, I'm ready for you...

And of course, because of that... its rainy and cold today! Oh well. We're getting there.

Gwen is definitely doing better then she was before, but still coughing some. She has a follow up today, so we'll see what the doc says. She woke too early this morning, so when I came downstairs after getting ready, I found this:

Poor bean (but melt my heart!).

I'm still coughing too. I actually made myself an appointment for Tuesday. Hopefully I'll feel better by then and can cancel, but its made if I need it.

As for today, well I'm working a half-day from home, then I'm off to lunch with my Mom & Dad and then my tattoo appointment! Pictures later! I'm excited and nervous. I love tattoos, I love having tattoos, I love getting new tattoos, I love the process of taking a tattoo from an idea to a finished product... however I do NOT love actually getting tattooed! The feeling, it takes getting used to, and its irritating. But its worth it in the end.

For now though... work!

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