scenes from recently; things I want to remember

[Disclaimer: I know every kid learns this stuff, but its just so amazing to me to watch Gwenivere transform from a toddler to a child actively learning and applying her knowledge every chance she gets.]

"Oh-ball," she says holding my necklace.

"I'm sorry sweetie, mommy missed that, what did you say?"

"Oh-bol," she says again, holding my necklace up so I can see it.

Why yes, it is an oval!


"X!"  ::points to letter X on the bath toy.::

"Yes it is! What's this one?" ::pointing to H::


(The picture under the letter H on her alphabet puzzle is a house... close enough for me!)


"Balls Mommy!" she says pointing to the four circular sculptures outside the tar.get.

"That's right, they have balls outside the store."

"One, Two, Three, Four." ::points to each in turn::

"Very good, sweetie, they do have four!"


When did my little girl get so big and smart?

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  1. Isn't is so awesome?!?! I love all the little things Liam points out too! They are getting so big!


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