week, rearranged

Working from home on Friday this week, instead of Tuesday, and only for a half day at that, since Friday afternoon I'm heading up to the Lehigh Valley for my next tattoo. I can't wait. This week has gotten so "rearranged." Besides my day from home changing, Trav is home with Gwen today since she needed a trip to the doctor (bronchial infection. Yuck.), I have three work events in three days, and my brother is passing through the city tomorrow on his way back to DC.

Leftovers for dinner tonight, but maybe our "tasty on Tuesday" will be a trip to Rita's for some italian ice since its 75* out right now. I love this weather so much. First day of spring is next Tuesday and its feeling like it.

On that note, I'm out to take a deposit to the bank and enjoy the warm air.

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