ten things on tuesday

1. We have to fill out the registration for Gwen's daycare program for fall and I'm realizing there's a good chance its the last year she's going there since after that we'll be signing her up for preschool. That makes me a bit sad. I know she'll have to go somewhere new eventually, and she'll make new friends wherever she goes... but she loves her daycare and all her friends there.  Sad

2. I'm looking into Montessori schools and a Friend's school for Preschool options and feeling really good about the schools in a general sense, but nervous/overwhelmed about it all in general. I just want Gwen to love school and thrive there and I'm worried about making the wrong choice. (I just have to keep reminding myself that we have a year to figure this all out.)

3. I feel like our options are really limited by our commutes. Its a little frustrating.

4. I really want to move anyway (I don't like our house), but this makes me want to move even more... to an area with a few more options.

5. What are your toddler's favorite things to eat? I'm trying to make Gwen at least try what we are eating each night, but she's gotten rather picky lately. I know she'll always eat pasta, fruit, chicken nuggets... but I need more ideas!

6. Tonight for Trav & I, I'm making that spinach salad with parmesan and roasted sliced potatoes that we love so much. Gwen loves the roasted sliced potatoes, so at least I know she'll eat that part of the meal!

7. It looks so beautiful out and the sun is nice and warm thought the window... but dang is it cold out today!

8.  68* on Thursday though! I can't wait!

9. A week and three days until my tattoo appointment. Yay!

10. Other things I'm counting down to:
seeing my brother (and Gram) this weekend and (my brother again) in 3 weeks, seeing some college friends for dinner in just over 2 weeks that we haven't seen since before Gwen was born(!), Walk MS 5-mile walk I'm doing in April (raised over $300 so far!!), Cape Cod in 4 months, turning 30 in 5, Vegas in 7. Lots to look forward to!

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  1. School decisions are hard yo! Like I think this is harder than applying to University!


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