on my mind and Gwen's mind of her own

I spent most of yesterday feeling like I was forgetting something, which is such an annoying feeling. I never did figure out the "one thing" that made me say, "a-ha, that was it." So I have been writing down every possible thing I could think of that I needed to do... I have a list of four big work to dos on a digital post it note on my computer desktop, and about five or six personal to do reminders set up in my phone. Hopefully when they are done, the forgetful feeling will be gone.

I'm reading a new book... Mayim Bialik's Beyond the Sling. Girl is super smart (Ph.D. in neuroscience!) and very AP. Its an interesting read so far. I'm hoping to pick up some tips for new things to try when Gwen's... well, being 2!

Girl has such a mind of her own. Which can be frustrating for sure, but can also be hilarious. Last night after I changed her diaper, she decided she wanted to "change Mama diaper!" So she pointed to me, pointed to the floor and told me to "lay down Mommy!" Then she ran to her room, grabbed a diaper, and came back.

It was a little small for me (ahem), but she gave it her best.

"Lift your bottom!"

On another getting so big note... we finally turned the carseat in my car around to be forward facing. She was too tall to rearface in that particular seat anymore, though the seat in Trav's car is still rearfacing for the time being (she has about another 1.5" until she has to be switched there). It makes my stomach do little flip-flops, but she was tickled pink by the whole thing.

Tying it all together, both on my list of things to do and things giving my belly flip-flops, is finishing the registration packet for Gwen's daycare for the fall. I know I mentioned this already, but seriously, next year I'll be filling out a packet for preschool. My mind = boggled! She's been going to this daycare since she was 12 weeks old. It will be really really hard to leave it. But the two schools I found so far look wonderful, so I just have to take a deep breath and know that this next adventure will be a fun one for her. And hopefully one that sets her up for a lifetime of loving to learn. 

But that doesn't need to be decided today, or tomorrow, or for many months. So for now I'm just going to get back to the here and now, and check things off my to do lists.

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