Chasing a dream.

Some moments are so surreal you aren't sure if you are really even in them or not. After a wonderful day yesterday, with one of Mike, Trav, and my hours long sushi events... and a nice walk with Trav... well, the tired angryness of this morning was not welcome.
But the real surreal feelings came when I was walking from the train station to work.
There was a guy walking in front of me... at a pace just ever so slightly faster then what I was doing... smoking a clove. That smell. I don't know if I've had something bring back memories the way that smell did. The distinctive clove smoke is one line playing throughout all my time at Lehigh. Dave smoked them, Bo smoked them, I smoked them, Jon smoked them... etc. I would grab them before going to meet Trav between classes, when we would sit outside with Cali Chris to have a clove and some lunch. There are much more concrete memories now that I can sit here and think of them. But at the time it was mostly these memories of feelings.
So strong that it almost bowed me over, and yet fleeting so I couldn't quite grab them.
And though I tried to speed up, it was too late, and he was gone...

And I was left feeling like I was chasing a dream.

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