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When I first saw the notice for the inversions workshop, I was excited. But after I signed up and paid, I was nervous. When the day arrived and I was warming up on my mat, I was terrified! What if I was the worst one there? What if I fell on my face? What if I fell on my neighbor? So many fears.

I may very well have been the worst one there, but I did not fall on my face, nor did I fall on my neighbor. What I did do was find the strength to push myself further than I’d gone before. 
Inversions are a powerful part of a yoga routine. [Read the rest here.]

About two years ago I started the process of cleaning up what I was putting on my body, not just in it. Your skin is your largest organ; everything that goes on it ends up in you; so anything that was going on my skin was subjected to intense scrutiny. Sixteen months ago I finally ditched my face wash, and started using the Oil Cleanse Method.

In brief: The Oil Cleanse Method uses clean, natural oils to dissolve the dirty oils on your face while moisturizing in a way that helps your skin regulate how much oil it needs to make.

Sounds intriguing, right? [Read the rest Here]

I know all the reasons not to. The real life and imagined fears. I had them all. But the best reason to do this was right in front of me. She's almost 6 years old and the light of my life. What was I teaching her by continuing to spend my days doing something that was draining me, while letting my true passions stay hidden inside?

Truth time though: the pursuit of authentic self is hard. Its time consuming and draining, things that have the potential to pull you away from the very little one that is kicking your ass towards dream chasing. 

So how do you pursue your dreams while kicking ass at child raising? [Continue reading Here]

Before her seventh birthday, my girl will have crossed 25 states off her list.  She’ll have driven across the country twice and 3/4 of the way across the country one more times. She’ll have hit a national park/monument for every year of her life, with one to grow on.  She’ll have spent more time camping then a lot of adults I know! And she loves it. 

She’s six, so I’m not going to say she doesn’t have her impatient moments, her cranky times, or her just get me out of this damn car meltdowns; but in general, she’s amazing to travel with. A front seat stocked with food, a big bag of toys and coloring by her side, and a charged kindle on reserve for hour six… this girl is ready to go. 

If travel is in your blood, but you’re not sure how to get your kids on board, here are a few tips and tricks to make it more enjoyable for everyone. [Continue reading Here]

Momma Jorje: a slightly crunchy momma
With midwives, I've never felt rushed, and there was never a question I was too uncomfortable to ask. Their patience and willingness to talk things out led me to find the birth control that worked for me and with my body. Best of all, it led me to an amazing, homey, loving birth experience.

Pregnancy is not a handicap, and delivery is not something to be forced through as quickly as possible. With the right personalized guidance, both experiences can be hugely empowering. With midwives I am never just a number. My daughter is not just another baby. From the moment we joined them, we were valued, and in the case of my daughter, loved. As individuals.  [Read more Here.] 

Parenting is an ever evolving process. No one would claim that parenting your newborn is the same as parenting your infant is the same as parenting your toddler and beyond. Every parenting style changes, but I think that if you consider yourself an AP parent, then you are especially in-tuned to your need to evolve.

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As those first days, then weeks pass, you worry, but you also learn together. Soon enough a feat that initially required 2 pillows, special positioning, and at least one more hand then was actually available is now, if not second nature, then at least a heck of a lot easier! One pillow to prop your arm, pull out your breast, and off they go. [Check out the rest HERE]

I was lucky to grow up with a mom who was a great cook, and she set a wonderful example of how fun cooking could be. Thanks to that, I’ve never felt that cooking was a chore. I honestly believe that when you enjoy cooking, you make better food… and I really enjoyed making this dish! It’s bold with a kick, but not tart.

[Read the rest of my recipe guest post, here

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, there are hundreds of questions that will flow through your mind. Everything from what you are going to name the baby to where they will sleep, and what they will wear. Will I babywear? Will I breastfeed? So many things to figure out. Arguably one of the most important, the one you have to figure out before any of the rest can come into play, is where and how am I going to birth my baby?

I'm unusual in that it was never a question for me. From the moment I watched my brother born (at seven years old), I knew that I would birth unmedicated in a birth center.

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Going into my first birth I wasn't sure what to expect. You can read all the birth stories in the world and you will quickly realize just how different every single one manages to be. For me, birth apparently looks like a nighttime water breaking, followed by a steady progression of contractions, and then an hour of pushing. The biggest difference between my births was the time that it took to progress; about 11 hours the first time, only 2.5 the second!

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